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New Beginners Class Saturday March 21st
Swing Dancing And Lindy Hop In Greece
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Author Topic: New Beginners Class Saturday March 21st  (Read 3824 times)
« on: March 17, 2009, 03:18:17 PM »

Hi all,

As we mentioned in class last week, we have organized a special one-off class for all the brand new beginners.

This class is aimed at people who have just recently joined us in the past few weeks, and we will be teaching the very basics from the beginning. This will help you catch up with the regular beginners class.

Everyone is welcome to come along to this class, however it is being aimed at people with no previous experience at all, and/or those who recently started coming to a few lessons over the past few weeks. This one-off class will take place this Saturday 21st March, from 12pm-1pm at 76 Peiraiws Avenue, 'Choro-logie' dance studio. The cost of this lesson will be 10 Euros. If you want more information, or wish to ask questions, please post here.

Hope to see you all there!


And now the same message in Greeklish :

Opws sas eipe hdh o Ben sto prohgoumeno ma8hma, auto to Sabbato, 21 Martiou, 8a ginei ena ma8hma apokleistika gia entelws beginners sto Lindy Hop.

 Auto 8a boh8hsei olou esas pou exete er8ei sta teleutaia ma8hmata tw Beginners alla exete xasei ola ta prwta ma8hmata. 8a sas dwsei tis aparaithtes baseis etsi wste na mporeite na parakolou8hsete pleon me eukolia ta epomena ma8hmata.

 Fusika, opoios 8elei na kanei epanalhpsh stis 5 basikes kinhseis tou Lindy Hop, h opoios follower/leader 8elei na alla3ei kai na ma8ei na kanei leading/following, twra einai h katallhlh stigmh na 3ekinhsei.

 To ma8hma 8a ginei sto ka8ierwmeno pleon meros, Chorologie Dance studio, Peiraiws 76, sto upsos tou Kerameikou. 8a krathsei mia wra, apo tis 12:00 - 13:00. To kostos summetoxhs einai 10 eurq gia mia wra. Opoios endiaferetai na parakolou8hsei kai tis 2 wres twn beginners....8a einai pleon se 8esh aneta Smiley

 To ma8hma einai anoikto gia olous, autous pou den exoun 3anaxorepsei Lindy Hop h otidhpote, alla kai autous pou exoun sxetikh empeiria.

 Opote, fores8e aneta papoutsia kai rouxa, kai etoimasteite gia polu kalh mousikh kai fusika polu xoro!

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« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2009, 09:06:39 PM »

Thank you so much to all the complete beginners who turned up today to our lesson.

It was a pleasure teaching you, you all did so amazingly well!

I'm very happy that you all left the room able to dance  Wink

Looking forward to seeing all of you again very soon!

 Kiss Kitty

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